The Brand Summit was a hit!

I am happy to report that the Liquid Brand Summit was a very well attended and very well received event. It was a pleasure spending the day at tackling issues about brands and branding with so many smart and interesting people. We’re now compiling all of the Best Practices that were uncovered during the day, and will share them shortly. I helped manage the session about Brands, Blogs and Social Media: Strategies for Entering the Global Conversation, which was led by Derek Gordon from Technorati.

We discussed the many ways that brands can leverage social media, blogs, vlogs, etc. Our key conclusion was that brands need to develop community through highly visible and easily accessible points of entry which invite and host other voices, as well as contributing their own. The four key steps to building community include: 1.Set objectives, 2.Curate, 3.Moderate, 4.Communicate. It was a lot of work…but also really fun! More details will follow!!!

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  1. Jenn LeBlanc May 16th, 2007 10:16 am


    Totally agree. What a fabulous event. The energy and discussion were fantastic. I was suprised by the degree of fear about social media, though, and thought Derek was a calm voice of reason within all that. Thanks for making this event happen. Absolutely a great event.

    Here was my take on yesterday’s event: