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Sr. Tech Editor from Fast Company will moderate the Panel Discussion.

We’re thrilled to announce that David Lidsky, the Senior Technology Editor from Fast Company magazine will moderate the Panel Discussion that takes place at the end of the Liquid Brand Summit.

David Lidsky joined Fast Company in March 2004 and currently co-edits the front of the book, editing Fast Talk, Next, and the magazine’s columnists. He is the co-editor of the magazine’s anniversary compilation book, Fast Company’s Greatest Hits: Ten Years of the Most Innovative Ideas in Business, published by Portfolio.

Prior to joining Fast Company, David worked at FSB (Fortune Small Business magazine) and PC Magazine before that. At FSB, he was an editor and columnist, penning the “Tech Skeptic,” a column skewering conventional tech wisdom. At PC Magazine, he covered the Internet in its formative years (’96-’99). But he asserts that the best character-building experience of his life was working as an associate at Marshall’s department store where he was once named an employee of the month.

As the final component of the Brand Summit, David is going to facilitate a panel discussion between the Brand Summit’s Session Leaders about the findings that emerged from the various sessions….with lots of participation from the audience (made up of Brand Summit attendees).

“We’re very excited that David is participating” said Alfredo Muccino, Chief Creative Officer from Liquid Agency - and one of the key figures behind the event, “David’s insight into the challenges that tech brands face during this uncertain economy, combined with such a distinguished set of Session Leaders, should make for a lively and interesting discussion”.

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Check out these Session Leaders!

“What’s Next” features a “Who’s Who” in brand marketing!
If you have not had a chance to check out the Session Leaders for the 2008 Liquid Brand Summit, you should take a minute and look through their bios. Our line up includes the person that spearheaded Adobe’s global brand campaigns…and one of our session leaders is responsible for the global management of Dell’s direct consumer sales and marketing efforts. Another Session Leader is the marketer behind the brilliant “shop victoriously” campaign for eBay. A former Brand Summit participant (and now Session Leader) is responsible for the brand management of the EA brand at a global level. In 2006 one of our Session Leaders was the recipient of the Creativity 50 award, honoring the most influential creatives in the world! And we have much, much more.

In fact we can pretty much guarantee that on February 26, we will have more talent, more experience, more ideas and more creativity in one place than anywhere else in Silicon Valley…or anywhere else for that matter.

The Session Leaders we’ve been able to gather are an outstanding group. Check out their bios on the site…and be ready for the fact that we’re about to announce a couple more that we’re very excited about. We can’t say who…but let’s just all say yahoo!!!

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The Brand Summit was a hit!

I am happy to report that the Liquid Brand Summit was a very well attended and very well received event. It was a pleasure spending the day at tackling issues about brands and branding with so many smart and interesting people. We’re now compiling all of the Best Practices that were uncovered during the day, and will share them shortly. I helped manage the session about Brands, Blogs and Social Media: Strategies for Entering the Global Conversation, which was led by Derek Gordon from Technorati.

We discussed the many ways that brands can leverage social media, blogs, vlogs, etc. Our key conclusion was that brands need to develop community through highly visible and easily accessible points of entry which invite and host other voices, as well as contributing their own. The four key steps to building community include: 1.Set objectives, 2.Curate, 3.Moderate, 4.Communicate. It was a lot of work…but also really fun! More details will follow!!!

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Business 2.0 moderates Brand Summit panel.

Jon Fortt, Sr. Editor, Business 2.0John Fortt, the Senior Editor at Business 2.0 wil be moderating the panel discussion at the end of the Brand Summit. The panel will focus on the best branding practices uncovered during the summit, and will involve all of the Session Leaders that are facilitating the round table discussions. John Fortt is responsible for the “What Works” and “What’s Next” sections of Business 2.0 magazine, and also authors “The Utility Belt”, a technology blog. This alone should be worth the price of admission…so, if you have not done yet, sign up NOW!!!…the Brand Summit is taking place next week!

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Brand Summit: Approaching fast!

May 15th is now only two weeks away! It’s time to sign up for the Brand Summit! Those who procrastinate registering may be left behind. The Brand Summit will be the most interesting gathering of brand marketers in Silicon Valley, but more importantly, it is the only place where you can learn the best practices being used by top companies. The Liquid Brand Summit is a great time to mingle with the highest ranking branding and marketing executives in technology…and a unique opportunity to discuss how brands are creating customer engagement. So, if you are interested in learning how to take advantage of the new ways that successful brands are building awareness, differentiation and preference, sign up today…or you may be left behind!

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The Brand Impact Judging: B2B

On Wednesday, April 19th we were back at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto…this time to judge the B2B brands that were being considered for the Tech Brand Impact Awards 2007. The judges for this component of the awards were: Rob Enderle, from The Enderle Group; Susan Rockrise, from Rockrise & Associates; and Karen Kang, from Karen Kang Consulting. All of the judges provided very valuable feedback and great remarks, and Rob Enderle stood out as an invaluable source of industry insight. Once again there were times when the judges were in agreement, and times when they had differing opinions - but in the process of discussing their differences we picked up some great nuggets about the way that brands are perceived by different people.

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The Brand Impact Judging: B2C

On Monday, April 16th the following experts reviewed the entries for the Tech Brand Impact Awards 2007: Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies, Kathy Johnson of Consort Partners, and Edward Saenz of Gravity Branding. The judges reviewed the data from the survey conducted by Socratic Technologies and provided feedback based on their industry knowledge and insight. We were a bit nervous about how this would go…and at the end, we walked away ecstatic with the results. At times there was complete agreement amongst the judges, but this was not always the case - making the afternoon session a very lively event. We’re compiling and organizing the soundbites and will release a full report on May 15th at the Liquid Brand Summit. It should be interesting seeing what people think.


Brand Summit and the Brand Impact Awards

The Liquid Brand Summit website has not been update yet, but we’re happy to announce that Liquid will be presenting the winners of the Brand Impact Awards during the Gala Dinner at the Liquid Brand Summit. These awards are the result of an extensive survey sponsored by Liquid and conducted by Socratic Technologies examining the relationship between brand awareness and purchase decision for technology brands across over 20 categories in B2C and B2B sectors. Additionally, as part of the survey we evaluated the level of Brand Reputation associated with each of the brands, and we sought feedback from a distinguished panel of experts that included well respected analysts such as Rob Enderle (Enderle Group) and Tim Bajarin (Creative Strategies); and brand consultants such as Susan Rockrise (Rockrise and Associates); Karen Kang (Karen Kang Consulting); Edward Saenz (Gravity Branding) and Kathy Johnson (Consort Partners). Be ready for some surprises!!!

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