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Q&A with Myspace SVP of Communications Rosabel Tao

Q&A with Myspace SVP of Communications Rosabel Tao
An excerpt from our interview with Rosabel Tao of Myspace.. Ms. Tao led a discussion on brand relevancy at the Liquid Brand Summit 2011, which took place March 1 in Palo Alto. View photos of the Summit here.

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Rosabel Tao is an accomplished corporate communications strategist with two decades of experience creating integrated, multi–disciplinary communications programs and building communications organizations from the ground up. She’s worked with a broad portfolio of companies in a full range of growth stages — from global brands to start–ups, including of Bank of America, Microsoft, HP, Levi Strauss, Safeway and Spot Runner.

Q: As brands evolve, so do their audiences. What are some tactics companies use to ensure brands remain aligned with their core audiences or adapt to new audiences as market forces change?

A: First, brands need to be very clear about who their desired target audience is and focus on serving that audience. This is more difficult than it sounds — I’ve seen many companies try to be all things to all people for fear of not capturing everyone who could possibly want their product/service. Oftentimes, this results in an offering that is too broad to appeal deeply to any one audience and prevents the brand from truly taking root. It’s best to build a core, loyal audience first and expand from there.

Disneyland, for example, has historically catered to families with children. Over time, the theme park has added new rides and shows and expanded some of its marketing to appeal to a broader audience, but at the heart, it continues to remain true to its core demographic.

Starbucks is an example of a company that built a loyal core audience for its coffee drinks and the experience of its stores. There was period of time when it expanded very quickly and got into music, food, ice cream, merchandise and more — and it lost focus of its core customer and started losing marketshare to a wide array of competitors. Since then, it has recommitted itself to its heritage of coffee and the store experience.


We’ll soon be publishing more content from the Liquid Brand Summit, including additional video interviews with our expert session leaders, as well as key findings from the Summit’s 10 sessions.

Also, check out this year’s top tech brands, as named by the the Liquid Brand Impact Report 2011.

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Liquid and Socratic release the results of annual Brand Impact study.


Liquid Brand Summit attendees got a sneak peek.
Who are the biggest brands in the technology sector? Folks who attended the Liquid Brand Summit last week were the first to find out as Liquid Agency released the findings from an annual research study by Socratic Technologies evaluating the impact of brands in 40 different technology markets.

Facebook dominates social media.


When you combine Facebook’s explosive growth with the fact that TIME Magazine named Mark Zuckerberg its “2010 Person of the Year” and Hollywood released an award-winning film about the company, it’s no surprise that Facebook was named “Brand of the Year” in the Liquid Brand Impact Report 2011. The report summarizes the findings from the annual research study by Liquid Agency and its research partner, Socratic Technologies – which found that Facebook is the clear winner in the social media category.

More than 200 brands are evaluated in the study.


The Liquid Brand Impact Report is derived from a quantitative study of more than 200 technology brands in 40 business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) categories. It examines a brand’s relative strength as measured by its “Brand Power Rating,” which is derived from a Socratic Technologies’ model measuring several key market perceptions: Awareness; Consideration; Preference, and Purchase Intent (ACPP). The Brand Power Rating has a very high correlation to a company’s current market share, but more importantly, it can detect early shifts toward newcomers with the potential to disrupt the status quo.

Adobe scores highest in B2B category.


With its win as Brand of the Year, Facebook edged out Amazon who came in a close second. Adobe, Google and Intel rounded out the top five performing brands. In addition, Facebook also took top honors in the B2C category, while Adobe won the B2B category.

VMware, EMC, Vizio and HTC showed the most growth.


The Liquid Brand Impact Report also tracks the biggest movers up or down in terms of a company’s brand impact in each of the 40 categories. This includes companies like VMware with the biggest upward movement in Virtualization Software, EMC for Enterprise Software, Vizio for HDTV and HTC for smartphones, to name a few.

Download the report.


To download the full Liquid Brand Impact Report 2011, which provides a detailed breakdown of rankings and brand performances in each of the 40 categories, go here.


Brand Leaders Gather at the 2011 Liquid Brand Summit

Liquid Brand Summit 2011

People, Ideas and Energy — it was all a buzz at this year’s Liquid Brand Summit, held Tuesday, March 1, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto. And what a day it was. By far our most successful event yet, the Summit brought together more than 120 truly outstanding folks — brand marketers, CEOs and thought leaders — who showed up ready to share in an open dialogue and exchange of ideas about their best practices and most difficult challenges in branding and marketing.

This year’s theme, transformation, resonated throughout the room as participants exchanged ideas in ten separate table discussions on topics as diverse as building brand advocacy and culture, the new frontier of social media, design innovation, and the art of telling your brand story — to name a few. Conclusions from those discussions were then shared with the entire group in an end-of-day panel presentation that summarized best practices and key findings. We’ll be expanding on these findings and making them available on the Liquid web site within the next two weeks in our Liquid Brand Summit Best Practices Report. Watch for it.

Our outstanding session leaders were instrumental in making this all possible, and we truly appreciate their dedicated work throughout the day. Thank you as well to our attendees who were so open and willing to share their experiences and thoughts.

We’d especially like to thank the folks who helped make this year’s Summit a success, including Rob Fuggetta and the Zuberance team, Socratic Technologies and Allison & Partners.

Finally, we have to give a call out to Marty Neumeier and Rob Fuggetta for kicking the day off with two presentations that were full of energy and insight. (You can view Rob’s presentation “Energizing Brand Advocates” on SlideShare.) And, of course, a huge thanks to Method Co-Founder Eric Ryan who stepped in at the last minute and did nothing less than “wow” the crowd with a talk that was not only intelligent and entertaining, but downright inspiring. Eric, I think we all agree that you’re a rock star!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting content from the Summit on the Liquid site and on our blogs, including live video of the presentations and one-on-one interviews with some of our session leaders. Stay tuned for more to come.